About Muellners Foundation

Muellners Foundation is a private Foundation. It is a Research and Development co-operative for multi disciplinary, scientific research on human consciousness.

Muellners Foundation fosters a global, research and engineering community to manage the lifecycle of artificial intelligence.

The AI is fundamentally powered by the embedded knowledge base(EKBs) based on human neural network. Read Governance Docs.

Muellners Foundation maintains a self-governed Public Trust, whose control is vested in the Articles of the Association of the Open Constitution.

Muellners Foundation provides data residency services for interacting with the planet Earth’s public resource: Open Constitution AI Network. Read Data Residency Policies

The Muellners Foundation is organised with a non-profit, voluntary association, Society, limited liability and co-operative character with the mission to provide digital aid and social finance services to beneficiary members. Read more about Network Fiscal Diagram.